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Sales conditions

Last update 01/22/2018

1. General

Jagdkommando Store Website makes it available to its customers the possibility to re-order Jagdkommando knives on third-party sites, as well as some services. The present business conditions applied to the purchase order are those published on the Website when the customer issues the purchase order.

2. How to purchase

Purchase orders may be issued by fax, e-mail at shop@Jagdkommando.store, by stating the list of articles needed; or by an on-line order using our website www.Jagdkommando.store. The orders received may be cancelled and prompt communication, and Jagdkommando Store has the right to evaluate and eventually reject this request. It is not possible to cancel an order that is already processing. The purchase contract, signed between the Jagdkommando Store and its customer, is understood to be concluded with acceptance, even only partial, of the order by Jagdkommando Store. Placing an order in the various ways envisaged, the customer declares he/she has read all the indications given to him/her during the purchase procedure, and that he/she integrally accepts the general and payment terms.

3. Prices

The prices shown on the Jagdkommando.store website not include VAT. Prices may change without any notice. Prices are stated DAP. Additional charges may be included in the final bill, such as: • Special delivery fees • Bank fees (depending on the payment chosen) • Insurance fees • Duties If the customer is purchasing from outside its jurisdiction. The customer may pay the duty and the taxes applied in his country when the goods exit the customs.

4. Transports

If otherwise not stated, the goods will be delivered by regular post services. The delivery fee will already included to the bill. At the moment of delivery, the customer shall check the goods: integrity and correspondence to the packing list. In case of non-conformities, the same must be communicated not later than 48 hours from the delivery to Jagdkommando Store, by e-mail. Moreover, the same non-conformities should be noted down on the packing list, and writing “Goods unchecked”.;.

5. Delivery time

Orders will be processed in the three working day. Delivery times may vary from 1-5 working days for home deliveries and 3-5 weeks for deliveries abroad, starting from the day of order processing.

6. Payment

The customer can pay via bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. A different fee may be charged depending on the payment chosen.

7. Withdrawal

Due to dropshipping trading practice the customer has no right to withdraw from the purchase contract. In this regard, the returns and refund of sent orders is impossible. Please note this when placing an order. If the product has been lost or seized by customs in buyer's jurisdiction and the seals are broken, the product shall not be refunded.